Textiles of Covalima

This exhibition was held at Timor Aid office in Bairro dos Grilos from March 24 to April 25, 2013 as part of the culture project funded by European Commission, In search of common ground: Textile Cultural tradition in the island of Timor for the staff to learn how to mount an exhibition as well as how to run education activities at the textile centre.

The exhibition shows most of the Covalima textiles from Tetun Terik people, demonstrated the process of making these textiles using natural dyes presented by master weavers from Fatuisin, Camenaça as well as session of tradition and history storytelling by the lia-nain.

As part of education activities, students from four schools in the neighbourhood where invited organise excursions to the exhibition. Those schools were Nuu Laran and Akadiru- hun primary schools and Paulos VI pre secondary and secondary. Approximately 100 students participated in the excursion with different groups made up of 12 to 15 students. The students were very excited to learn about the textile process and its tradition.

The tais presented in this exhibition were mainly Timor Aid collection and Private Collection