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Timor Aid publishes books in the Tetun language to contribute towards the development of literature, culture and educational resources in Timor-Leste.

• Istória Timór (Literature)
• Books on cultural research
• Educational books
• Literature books

Timor Aid aims to promote Tetun literacy,  the use of the Tetun language and raise awareness, particularly with young children. We believe it is important to preserve and show the world our identity and culture as Timorese people.

Timor Aid publications represent a key strategy to support Timorese writers and help build a strong and proud literary culture in Timor-Leste. Timor Aid also translates stories from other languages into Tetun which are available for purchase at the Dili office. A dictionary for children has also been published by Timor Aid in collaboration with Alola Foundation.

Some new books showcase the research of the Timor Aid Cultural team. These publications provide insights into  the tradition and cultural heritage of Timor-Leste and offer an opportunity to reflect on our past was we move forward on this journey towards peace and prosperity. 

Book Store

Timor Aid has a book store in our office in Rua de Nu Laran in Bairro dos Grilos, Dili, where you can purchase children’s books, cultural books and other books.



Timor Aid publika livru sira iha lia-tetun hodi kontribui ba dezenvolvimentu literatura, kultura, no rekursus edukasaun nian iha Timor–Leste.

• Istória Timór (Literatura)
• Livru kona-ba peskiza kulturál
• Livru edukasaun nian
• Livru literasia nian


Objetivu atu bele habelar lia-tetun no fó koñesimentu, liuliu ba labarik ki’ikoan sira, oinsá atu lee, hakerek, no komprende lia-tetun ho di’ak. Objetivu boot seluk maka atu preserva nafatin no hatudu ba mundu ita-nia identidade no kultura nu’udar nune’e Timoroan, no atu promove hakerek-na’in Timoroan sira.

Timor Aid prodús livru foun husi hakerek-na’in Timoroan sira, no mós tradús livru sira husi lian seluk ba lia-tetun. Livru sira ba labarik foka ba oinsá atu hadi’a labarik sira-nia literasia. Timor Aid foin prodús Disionáriu ba Labarik iha kolaborasaun ho Fundasaun Alola.
Livru foun balu hatudu rezultadu peskiza ne’ebé Timor Aid nia ekipa Kultura hala’o iha Timór laran. Livru sira-ne’e fó koñesimentu oinsá ita bele hatene kle’an filafali tradisaun ida uluk atu nune’e ita bele halo komparasaun entre uluk no agora no labele lakon istória sira-ne’e iha futuru.


Loja Livru

Timor Aid iha loja livru iha ninia edifísiu iha Rua de Nu Laran iha Bairro dos Grilos, Dili ne’ebé ita bele sosa livru labarik sira nian, kultura nian, no seluk tan.