Rural Development


Timor Aid has worked on a range of rural development initiatives across Timor-Leste. The below projects highlight the adaptability and the breadth of experience of Timor Aid through the implementation of a wide cross-section of agricultural and community development projects.


PAKSI (Planu Asaun Komunidade Saneamentu no Ijiene) 2015-2016

Timor Aid has partnered with BESIK to work with communities to promote health and hygiene through improving access to toilet facilities. The PAKSI project involved training for communities to install toilet facilities in the home. For more information click the link above.


Farming as a Business Training 2012-2015 (ongoing) 

Timor Aid, with a range of partners have been providing support for communities to improve market opportunities and make agricultural process improvements. Through a capacity building approach Timor Aid consulted and collaborated with farming groups to deliver agricultural training. For more information click the link above.


 Clean Water Access and training 2012-2014

Timor Aid has been working within the BESIK WASH program to install 12 hand pumps to improve water access in communities throughout Timor-Leste. For more information click the link above.


 Manufahi Agricultural Development Program 2010-2012 (3 years)

The Manufahi Agriculture Development Program saw an investment in community infrastructure with the construction of irrigation systems, community buildings and facilities for the local production of coconut oil, and to support fish farming. For more information click the link above.