A Nossa Herança (Our Heritage)

This exhibition was hosted by the Secretaria de Estado da Arte e Cultura (SEAC) and curated by Timor Aid, held at the Archives and Museum of the Resistance in Colmera, Dili from July 2014 to January 2015. A Nossa Heranca co-incided with the summit of the Comunidade dos Paises da Lingua Portuguesa, Community of Portuguese Speaking Country (CPLP) for which Timor-Leste was the host nation in 2014.

Nossa Heranca showcased the heritage of the nation, with piece selected from the NCTL, Timor Aid, Alola foundation and a number of private collections.It was launch by her Excellency the Secretary of State for Art and Culture, Ms Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes, and Mr. Lu Olo, the President of CPLP. Representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, Secretary of State for Private Sector, Secretary of State for Gender Equality were also in attendance at the opening ceremony.

Timor Aid had also received request from several institutions and school to provide specific guided tours of the exhibition. The exhibition was visited by approximately 2358 people.