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Beti Naek (BU) Man's cloth wrap

This textile is from Makelab, in Taiboko, Oecusse. The motif is the 'pasubola'. A 'pasubola' is the leather belt worn by Meo (UM) warriors, so the motif signifies strength and warrior status. The 'pasubola' motif in this textile is very intricate, incorporating the 'makaif' motif, which represents community bonds and interdependence between the community members. The textile is commonly used by the Atoni as a daily cloth, but is also significant in rituals and ceremonies such as brideprice, marriage, funerals and traditional house inaugurations. It consists of 2 panels, and an untwisted fringe.

Item Number TA0077
District Oecusse
People Atoni Meto
Year of Making unknown
Maker unknown
Materials Handspun and commercial cotton; natural and synthetic dyes.
Technique Resist-dyed single-warp ikat, handwoven on a backstrap loom.
Length x Width 200 cm x 87 cm