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Beti Naek (BU) Man's cloth wrap

This textile is from Makelab, Taiboko, Oecusse. It is a 2-panel cloth, hand-stitched together with a central seam. The ikat on the two panels differ - one features large and small crocodile reptilian motifs. The crocodile is an ancestral 'bei' or grandfather 'avo' figure. These motifs are done in ikat resist-dyed technique with natural dyes made from Indigofera sp. plants. The second panel also features human 'atoni' figures and chicken 'manu' figures. It has an untwisted fringe.

Item Number TA0074
District Oecusse
People Atoni Meto
Year of Making unknown
Maker unknown
Materials Handspun cotton and natural dyes
Technique Resist-dyed single warp ikat; handwoven on a backstrap loom
Length x Width 205 cm x 82 cm