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Beti (BU) Man's cloth wrap

This textile comes from Pasabe, Oecusse. The main motif in this cloth is 'manu' (UM) meaning rooster, or chicken. Chickens are important for ceremonies in Atoni Meto culture. Particularly, a rooster will be slaughtered before the construction of a 'hau teas'. Also, just before the sunrise when the planet Venus appears in the east, another white rooster will be slaughtered so that the whole village can celebrate the inauguration of the traditional house.

Item Number TA0067
District Oecusse
People Atoni Meto
Year of Making unknown
Maker unknown
Materials Handspun and commercial cotton and natural and synthetic dyes
Technique Resist-dyed single warp ikat; handwoven on a backstrap loom
Length x Width 178 cm x 100 cm