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Bet futu teke (BU) Man's cloth wrap

This textile is from Makelab village in Oecusse. The main motif on the cloth is 'teke' - geckos. This cloth is worn as daily wear. Geckos and lizards are an important symbol in Oecusse, sharing the same symbolic importance as the ancestor crocodile (bei). Ancestors are believed to speak through gecko calls, and express the agreement of the ancestors. The textile consists of two panels, hand stitched together with an untwisted fringe. The main colour of the cloth comes from indigo based dyeing.

Item Number TA0065
District Oecusse
People Atoni Meto
Year of Making unknown
Maker unknown
Materials Handspun cotton and natural dyes
Technique Tabby weave with bands of resist-dyed single warp ikat;
Length x Width 205 cm x 118.5 c