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Lau fanu porosae (FA) Shoulder cloth

This shoulder cloth is from Com area in Lautem. The cloth was purchased from Sra Rosa of Com, who identified her mother as the maker in 1957. Laura Isabel originated from Rasa. The ikat work is typical of Lautem style and other tapestry weave works are known to have been made in the region, notably at Pairera. The motif is taken from a 'ponto cruz' embroidery pattern book (Desfiado in Portuguese). The cloth is made from thread imported from Portugal, purchased locally. The name Lau fanu porosae refers to 'front embroidery'.

Item Number TA0031
District Lautem
People Fataluku
Year of Making 1957
Maker Laura Isobel
Materials Commercial cotton thread and synthetic dyes
Technique Resist dyed single warp ikat technique and tapestry weave; Woven on a backstrap loom
Length x Width 240 cm x 53 cm