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Tais Bo Dato (KE) Woman's tubeskirt

Tais Bo Dato tubeskirts are also known as tais ine, meaning woman's cloth in the Kemak language. The blue ikat motif featured on the bands of this textile is known as hun bot (K). The brown motif is knows as pule ru'ui (K), silu kesak (T). It is based on the pattern created by bending the spine of the fronds of the black fibre palm treee (Arenga pinnata). The colourful border is a modern embellishment made in response to threads introduced by Chinese traders. Tais bo dato must be woven outside the Marobo village boundary as the use of colourful commercial threads for the border decoration is an innovation to a classic design. The purple and green lines that feature in the cloth were customarily woven in indigo dyed blue threads.

Item Number TA0027
District Bobonaro
People Kemak
Year of Making unknown
Maker unknown
Materials Handspun cotton and natural dyes; with commercial threads
Technique Resist-dyed single warp ikat woven on a backstrap loom
Length x Width 187 cm x 62 cm