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Beti Naek (BU) Man's cloth wrap

This three panel man's cloth wrap. hand stitched together has an interlocked geometric motif flanked by borders of stripes. the cloth is presumed to be from within the regency of Timor Tengah Selatan, West Timor, Indonesia. It has an untwisted fringe. The central panel motif depicts a crocodile in intricate ikat. Inside the crocodile's stomach are birds and other animals. The crocodile is decorated with mak'aib, the ubiquitous hook form indicative of Uab Meto people textile. other animals appear around the crocodile in smaller scale. This is a exacting repeat pattern demonstrating the artistry of the ikattechnique

Item Number TA0001
District TTU
People Atoni Meto
Year of Making mid - late 20 century
Maker unknwn
Materials commercially spun cotton and synthetic dyes
Technique resist dyed, single warp ikt, woven on a backstrap loom
Length x Width 283 cm x 119 cm