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Tais klar (TE) Man's cloth

This man's cloth has the motifs 'baria fuan' (bitter cucumber) and rows of the spearhead, 'diman', motif. There are rows with a repeat of 2 'diman' and rows with a repeat of 4. There are also small versions of this motif, repeated up to 32 times. This textile is used at the 'Sau Batar and 'Bei Mau' ceremony, and other textiles. This cloth is used as part of the 'barlake', marriage exchange process, where textiles form part of the gift to the bridegroom's family. This cloth comes from the village of Fatuisin in Camenaca.

Item Number JM02
District CovaLima
People Tetun
Year of Making 1997
Materials Commercial cotton and synthetic dyes.
Technique Single-warp resist dyed ikat work; handwoven on a backstrap loom.
Length x Width 217 cm x 104 cm