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Tais koli (TE) Funerary cloth

A 'tais koli' is an exception to the usual stylistic division between male and female textiles produced in Suai - Camenaça. This type of cloth serves either to line the coffin or in some instances to wrap the corpse. The 'tais koli' combines the detailed warp-ikat patterning of men's cloths with the use of plain fields of colour found on women's tube skirts. It is constructed as a flat cloth from three or four panels of handwoven cloth, these shrouds feature plain end sections. The centre-field will typically display between twelve and twenty-four narrow bands of warp-ikat motif work.

Item Number FS05
District CovaLima
People Tetun
Year of Making
Materials Handspun and commercial cotton with natural and synthetic dyes.
Technique Warp-ikat technique; woven on a backstrap loom
Length x Width x