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Tais feto (TE) Woman's tubeskirt

This tube skirt has a coloured centre-field with fine stripes. It has a decorative band at the head and foot of the cloth. The warp-ikat in this band features an motif of small human figures, and is bordered by a warp-float motif. The motif is the 'diman ema' or 'diman boneca' motif, used sometimes by Suai Camenaca weavers to replace the traditional 'diman' motif, which is a row of spears that derives from Indian patola trade cloth motifs. (The traditional 'diman' motif features on the textile FA02). In traditional ceremonies, such as the 'bei-mau' ceremony that is celebrated in these 'fehan' (lowlands) communities, a young woman is required to have several types of this tais to be able to participate in the ceremony. A good weaver always prepares good 'tais feto' for her daughter to participate in this event.

Item Number FS03
District CovaLima
People Tetun
Year of Making
Materials Handspun and commercial thread, with natural and synthetic dyes.
Technique Warp-ikat and warp-float techniques in the decorative border bands.
Length x Width ? x ?